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Fresh bread and water is the normal meal for someone in her position, but today SD has an even better idea; a cold bowl of cereal. The perverse way in which Sister Dee prepares the meal is enough to make poor Dia gag and wretch, even before she has taken a single bite. Sister Dee only fed Dia to make sure she had the strength to endure what is still to come.

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And thanks her master for all he provides. Aliyah wrestles around well, but eventually succombs to orgasms. He ties her nipples to her toes and he leaves her there. Aliyah is another hot little bondage newbie. Then he leaves her stretched and still. We clamp her nipples tightly and prepares the TENS pads on her tits. Her underwear, someone enters her room and demands that he stop his leather assault, only to be retied in a ball tie pulled up behind her so that all of her weight rests on her tummy[...]

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Then it's ther magic wand to finish her off. Lovely photos of her fine back side. The next scene, poor Katelynn has been stripped naked. She poses and shows off her long and hard. With a spreader bar and she is instructed to do. He uses a vibrator to her clit and Katelynn cums multiple times for us.

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PD has decided to keep Beverly Hills where the animals belong, out in the barn. That means pissing on the floor and taking her food and drink from a bucket. It's hard to do with all of the hardware she's wearing but it isn't PD's job to make her life easy. He's only concerned with training bitches to obey and please their men. The job is to take every inch of it and it will stretch her pussy to the limit.

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