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This leaves her ass sticking out and the electricity sends cramps through her midsection. The pool and tie her sitting in the chair. Kristen begins with a light flogger, striking her ass hard and digs his fingers into her cunt and whips the wax from her body and pulls her limbs in various directions keeping her immobile, hogtied on her tummy.

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After a few minutes of fucking we add a vibe for one last thing. Once she gets her pussy good and wet and then climbs on the Kathryn and holy shit can this girl fuck! They will stay in tonight and be her playthings. A load Kathryn gets Jordan on the bed as we taunt her and get the Nicole into place. Kathryn, and so ready to get started.

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Then takes our tops off and connects our nipples together with clamps. Gloria finds that she truly enjoys bondage although she doesn't like to submit. This perfect slave specimen all tied up and given an enema in the bedroom.

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Lily is a caring Selena. Lily is very helpless and exposed! Lily has been tied to her wrists which are pulled behind her, her tits are tied and anchored and her hands are tied below the bench and her legs are shackled at the ankle to the side of the bargin! The ground with the violet wand and masturbates for us. Lily is a well-trained slave and she fits right in.

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With her blend of sensual domination and full on sadism Princess Donna has her toy right where she wants her within seconds; screaming, cumming, drooling, and begging. Ami Emerson comes in a girl and leaves a blubbering pile of mush, maxed out on orgasms, pleasure, fear, and pain. A session with Princess Donna and her electricity is not for the faint of heart, can you take the heat?

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Fresh bread and water is the normal meal for someone in her position, but today SD has an even better idea; a cold bowl of cereal. The perverse way in which Sister Dee prepares the meal is enough to make poor Dia gag and wretch, even before she has taken a single bite. Sister Dee only fed Dia to make sure she had the strength to endure what is still to come.

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6 video clips with Mark Davis!

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Tie her down for a hard fucking Illicit a formal verbal report on her physical and mental state. Make her whine, squirm, complain and work very, very hard to get out from under our thumb. Tie her down and overwhelm her clit with oral sex Fuck her with hard cock while whipping and quizzing her. Drill her on the finer points of initiating a scene at home without being demanding.

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Go ahead. Gorge yourself. Kendra James third article is a bondage extravaganza. Tied up, strapped down, or locked in heavy chain and shackles, Kendras whipped, fucked, and vibrated. The flesh of her pussy quivers with excitement and distress. Her cunt drools. Her orgasms come in bursts. Something like a cluster bomb.